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A mystery down under...

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Bill thank you for your response,  The vintage and classic car movement in Australia is very laid back as far as reproduction parts,  What reproduction parts are available for the 31&32 can u recognize any of the lightware on the moonlight speedster as American. The bodies on most chevs were made by Holdens motor bodies as many other GM Vehicles were. Myself being a chev fanatic at the grand age of 26 I have noticed some differences between USA and Australian,

1  the 1931-32 USA mudguards had a point at the front of them.

2  In Australia we had utes car sized in USA they had much larger pick ups.

3 left and right hand drive.  

There is speculation as to whether the moonlight speedsters back end was a copy of the vauxhall hurlingham speedster of 1929 on the 20/60 chassis, Both vehicles had Holden bodies however the hurlingham was much longer there for not a direct copy.  My interest in the speedster is obsession I have found what I think is the remains of one however not enough panels etc to confirm what year speedster the back end is in bad state of repair being half buckborded and knocked around a farm.  My grandfather who is now 85 was a service manager at a GMH dealership in south Australia for 40 years, He confirms that there was a speedster in the area around were I found the wreck.  The photo that I sent was of a 32 there are only 2 that I Know of in Australia restored and roadworthy both being 1932 speedsters, to my knowledge there are no restored or unrestored 1931 speedsters or 1931&1932 moonlight coupes in existence, According to GMH there were approx 400 of each built.  The poor photo that I will send is the only example that the 32 moonlight coupe existed that photo was taken at the 32 Melbourne show.  Did Chevrolet do any sporty body styles in the USA in earlier or later years?.  do the side lights on the speedster look like any thing US of that era?.  look forward to your response 

Darren Fountain

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