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1931 Chevrolet








It may feel like this sometimes!!  Ha ha.




But the experience is PRICELESS!


Last Updated:  11/09/08

 Restoration Project

Of My
1931 Chevrolet
By Sid Carey
Olive Branch, Mississippi, USA

(Most pages include photographs. The File format is pdf

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A five-window coupe in sad shape

Body, Frame and engine

Brake work begins

Transmission questions

Transmission solution

Engine, clutch and brakes

Wheels and gas tank

Body OFF and generator

Wood and metal issues

Engine started! :-)  But no gears! :-(

Clutch makes driving easy

Patch panels and real lead

Running Boards and fenders

Wood kits and hubcaps

Body primer and rocker arm wicks

Test assembly and dashboard

Coil and deck lid

Sidemounts and body fitting

Babbitt surprise

Body primer and COLOR!!

Final assembly

Dome light and interior fun

Gauges and Pedals

Gauges and cowl lights


Hood and little things - arggghh

Bows, rubber and windlace

Headliner, bumpers and rubber

Top and Interior

Running Boards and Pinstriping

Gremlins and my first award!!

Firewall Hole Locations

   APPENDIX - Vendor Listing

--- The End. ---



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Many thanks to Sid Carey for contributing his story.

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