1931 Chevrolet Tips Help
Installing Dash Knobs onto cables

After removing the old knob, place the control cable in a vise.  Put the knob in boiling water.  After a couple of minutes, remove the know from the water.  Line up the groove on the cable with the knob, and press it into position.  Do NOT turn the knob after you have pressed it on.  Let it cool.

You may paint the lettering with white shoe polish, white lead, or Lacquer.  Fill the letter indents with paint, then wipe the face clean.

Stainless Steel bolts

Some of the new replacement headlight acorn bolts for a '31 Chev are stainless steel.  This is great since you can polish it to a mirror finish and it doesn't need to be chromed.  But when you go to install it, you need to be very careful with the nut thread pitch.  Take a 5/16 - 18 tap and clean the thread of the nut.  It should then go on easily by hand.

Note:  Stainless steel fasteners will seize when tightened. Use an anti-seize compound on the threads to prevent seizing.

  Good luck.  
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--Bill B