1931 & 1932 Firewall Mats
The inside firewall is an interesting but important area to get correct when restoring your car. The firewall mat is a combination of thick jute mat with a thick rubber mat cover. The combination of these two products perform a number of functions. They reduce the noise in the passenger compartment, insulates the passenger compartment from the head of the engine and exhaust piping, prevents fumes from entering the passenger compartment, and lastly they provide a weatherproof protection for the body and flooring materials for wet shoes, or potential leaks from the widows, vents or heater hoses. All in all, it's a vitally imporatnt product.



The left hand side of thls area shows the lower mat which fits up UNDERNEATH the larger upper mat. The same bolts hold both of them in place.

On the right side of the firewall there is a similar lower mat which also fits up UNDERNEATH of the upper mat.
These photos also show the various cable brackets that hold the speedometer cable and the wiring harness in place.

left side another view and the sidewall

As you can see, the bolts all have a flat washer on the inside which allows them to hold the mat firmly to the firewall. The "stovebolt" heads are on the inside of the car, while the nuts are in the engine compartment.


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The photos on this page are ones that I took of the original 1932 Chevrolet that is owned by Skip Geear. Thanks!!!