1931 Chevrolet Led Tail Lights Accessories
Updated 01/04/2009
 This isn't an authentic part, but if you drive your car a lot on public roads, and don't mind having a non-standard feature, then these new BRIGHT taillights might be a good safety addition for your car.


6-VOLT - 54 Red LED's - Super Bright
Fits 1931-36 Passenger cars & 1931-39 Trucks. These amazing conversions will make your old Chevy really visible from the rear!

Safety is a major concern when driving our old cars on today's highways. LED lighting has become the standard of the automotive industry and for good reason. It's easy to see! These newly designed LED conversions have 54 super bright LED lights installed on a custom fit card specifically made for these cars & trucks.

Available in both 6-volt or 12-volt, this is a safety item you can't afford to be without! Whether you have a totally original 6-cylinder with a 6-volt system or a monster V-8 running a 12-volt system, these are a must-have addition to your vintage car or truck.

Kits come with two LED cards with 54 red LED's on each card. One card also has two white LED's for the license light. Also included are fasteners, hardware and instructions needed to install the card into the tail light bucket. They will work with turn signal, tail light and stop light circuits.


Available at The Filling Station - HERE

Available for 6 volt.  fits right into the original housing.  


Photos courtesy of The Filling Station

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