1931 Chevrolet Five Window Sport Coupe Unrestored
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Modernized with Sealed Beam headlights.
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Single bar bumper.       Built in June '31.
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Garage-mate is Five Passenger Coupe
ashtray.jpg (47187 bytes)
Ash in door.
Purchased in August 1999 in Seattle, Washington.  This car is in original condition with 58,966 miles on the odometer.  The prior owner removed the engine to rebuild it and never got around to it.  The owner before him was the original owner.   dash.jpg (47682 bytes)
Turned Dash.
license1956.jpg (75259 bytes)
Last licensed and driven in 1956.
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rwindow.jpg (56805 bytes)
Rear Window also shows the 1931  garage-mate Five Passenger Coupe.
     tirelock.jpg (76034 bytes)
Sidemount tire locks.
rumble.jpg (77028 bytes)
Rumble Seat, single tail light.
sticker1948.jpg (33339 bytes)
Very rare 1948 decal.  No plates issued this year.
sticker1952.jpg (42077 bytes)
On front window, the 1952 decal.
stickers-oil.jpg (103246 bytes)
Oil change records on the door jam.

Photos by Bill Barker