1931 Chevrolet Steering How-To

"Well, I got the shaft and the worm gear out of the housing. Turns out, once the top part is screwed out, the rest comes out with a little persuasion. I didn't use the jack hammer, but did use a claw hammer and tapped carefully on the housing while holding the shaft in place. It all came out except the bottom race."
Need to check your worm gear in the steering column?  Thanks to Peter Z, we have photos of his project.  The first hurdle was how does the steering body come apart?  As you can see above, it unscrews!! 
Clever, huh?

Now, for the best part. 
Click on the link below for DETAILED instructions on how to adjust your steering gear, worm backlash, steering linkage and toe-in.

Thanks Peter.  We all owe you a big Hurrah!!!

Adjustment Instructions

Internal Bearing Puller
Take a large diameter round brass punch with a flat/round end and tap out the end plug on the bottom of the steering box. Itís like an engineís soft plug. Do this carefully as you will want to put the plug back in.

Once the plug is removed, you can easily insert a race puller and tap it out from that hole.

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Thanks to Peter Z.
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