1931 Chevrolet Side Mounts Accessories
Updated 01/30/2011
Installed7.jpg (114450 bytes)  Side-mounted tires really dress-up a car.  They are good looking and very functional -- they allow you to carry TWO spare tires!!!

On the left side is a photo of a restored assembly, and on the right side is an original.

sidemount32.jpg (81212 bytes)

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

inside47.jpg (166251 bytes) interior37.jpg (118477 bytes) inside48.jpg (129718 bytes)
The inside bracket is really quite simple.  Just an "L" bracket.  I've seen at least four different kinds.  The one on the right is really "fancy" with bends and strengthening folds. bracket46.jpg (128250 bytes)
bracket49.jpg (170631 bytes)

This is a 1931 tire clamp.

Note that it tapers towards the hole.

pads50.jpg (137560 bytes) pads54.jpg (162810 bytes) pads51.jpg (136504 bytes)
Finally, here are the canvas pads that are inside the wheel well and stop the tire from rattling around.  There are four of them - two at top and two at bottom.  The only significant item is that they are mounted vertical, probably to allow water to flow past them.  They are each attached by two split rivets.
Note regarding sidemount-tire "Tee" handles.   The correct 1931 sidemount "Tee" handle is open at the top. (The threads go all the way through the handle.)  A lot of people are using the closed top "Tee" handle on their 1931's, even though the correct one is the open type.  This situation is partially caused by some Suppliers who have them listed in their catalog as "the closed type is for the closed cars, and the open type is for the open cars".  That is totally incorrect.  All 1932's used the closed type, and all 1931's used the open type. (f)

Sidemount Tire Locks:    Thanks to Doug Zeno, here is a copy of the original mounting instructions.

Click Here (It is in PDF format)

Photos by Bill Barker

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