1931 Chevrolet Ash Tray, Luggage Rack, Mileage Counter Accessories
ash1.jpg (50737 bytes) bodytag.jpg (54452 bytes) Not an accessory.  This plate was the final authority as to where and when your car was manufactured. luggage.jpg (36637 bytes)
ash2.jpg (55905 bytes) Lots of accessories available in 1931.  Also some good after-market stuff like the Harrison hot water heater.  The mileage counter was a dealer-installed item used as a friendly reminder when to get your car serviced next.

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luggage-brkt.jpg (40485 bytes)
ash3.jpg (55673 bytes) ash3.jpg (55673 bytes)   mileage-side.jpg (25155 bytes)
ash3.jpg (55673 bytes)  mileage-front.jpg (54929 bytes)  mileage-brkt.jpg (16095 bytes) mileage-back.jpg (21479 bytes)
heater-harrison.JPG (30546 bytes)
Harrison Heater (after market accessory)
heater2.jpg (53465 bytes)
Two Harrisons on left, and
the smaller Chev heater on the right

To see what the original dashboard heater switch looked like go to Accessories Page 5.

heater-chev.JPG (15693 bytes)
Chev Heater

Photos by Bill Barker

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