1931 Chevrolet Decals  
 Here are some photos of the three decals that were on some 1931 Chevrolet dashes.  Not all models had this "machined swirl" design.  Some were just painted black in the insert and others had a second color matching the body trim (see below for more info)

The two decals on the dashboard advertised "Ventilator".  This meant that you could crank the window up an inch or so to let air in along the bottom of it.   That was a big feature back before window defrosters and heaters.  You needed air circulation in order to keep the windows from fogging up.

Reproductions of all of these are still available as of October 2008.



  The "engine turn" transfer was available as standard equipment on the Special Sedan, Sport Coupe, Landau Phaeton, Cabriolet and 5-Passenger Coupe.  It was also available via the Chevrolet service system and was available to be installed on other closed body types on which they were not standard.  The list price was 20 cents.  (l)  

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)


Photos by Bill Barker

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