1931 Sport Coupe

Rumble Seat Lid Stops and Latch Cover

This section is to a assist anyone who is restoring a coupe which has a rumble seat.   As you can see there are two areas where fabric padding is used.  This appears to installed so that an occupant in the back seat doesn't bang their knee against an exposed bolt or other fastener. 

Each corner "stop" has a square piece of material which is folder and wrapped just under the screw-in stop.  One corner of it has a piece of  "cardboard" material used to stiffen it.  It is tacked up underneath the corner.  A similar piece of material was used to cover the rumble seat lid latch in the middle of the car.  Once you see how this is fastened, it makes sense that they would have covered up the latch mechanism.

The material which was used appears to be identical to the material on the roof.  It is black with a pronounced grain.  I've reduced the resolution of these photos in order to make them more useful on the web.  I'll try to add a picture of very high resolution when I get time.

<click on each photo to enlarge it>

The location where the two corners and striker plate are located.
Looking UP underneath the rear sill at the latch mechanism.

Another picture of the folded material.
The material without being folded.
A shot of the material after it's folded.


The laft corner with original material installed.
Looking UP underneath the corner.  Note how the material is nailed to the wood.

The right corner with the original material installed.
Photos by Jim Seiber

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