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Chevrolet Engines

The earliest known 1931 motor is #2,116,485 with a Cast Date of J-8-0 for September 8, 1930.  However a known Walkerville motor has a Head and Block Cast Date of August 12, 1930, and a serial number of what should be #R292,408, with the last number being officially #294,924, with components cast around August 15th which makes perfect sense with the known shut-down around that time in Canada.  Two more 1931 Flint-built r.h.d. blocks from Australia are Engine #R2,489,577 #836409 B-25-1 CON4 Bow-tie 27X ["Exchange"?] February 25, 1931, and # R2,852,265 Block cast #836409 G-7-1 CONV 4 Bow-tie 28 July 7 1931.  Note the '31 U.S. Block has Cast #836409 whereas at least some Canadian castings have #886273.

It is suggested that the last US 1930 motors were in fact cast towards the end of August slightly after the Walkerville motor plant, with the assembly of Canadian motors finished by the end of August.   There was apparently a break in the US in October with 1931 production starting up towards the end of the month with motors that had castings produced some weeks before, and possibly lying in the Flint motor plant in readiness.  The first Canadian production at Oshawa also started around the 23rd of October just after the US plants.

Thanks to Ken Kaufmann for this information.

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