1931 Alemite Grease Fitting Locations

Applies to all Passenger and Truck models.
All fittings are installed to be easiest to service from the outside of the vehicle
 (Except for the left front spring shackle. Those are installed to not interfere with the operation of the pitman arm and connecting rod.)
Straight 45 45 or 90 90 Location
1       Left front spring eyebolt
  2     Left front spring shackle (turned in away from pitman arm)
1       Right front spring eyebolt
2       Right front spring shackle
2       Tie rod end
2       Steering connecting rod
1       Left front king pin top
  1     Left front king pin bottom
1       Right front king pin top
1       Right front king pin bottom
    1   Left rear spring eyebolt
      1 Right rear spring eyebolt
  1     Left rear shackle top
1       Left rear shackle bottom
  1     Right rear shackle top
1       Right rear shackle bottom
1       Left rear spring saddle
1       Right rear spring saddle
1       Steering gear housing
16 5 1 1

23 Total fittings.

All fittings were Nickel plated.
Accessory covers were never installed by Chevrolet nor were an approved accessory.

<photo above is not nickel plated>



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