Advertising from 1931
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31Chev Ad.jpg (97467 bytes)Ladies Home Journal - Oct 1931
"The New Chevrolet Special Sedan"


A genuinely good motor car.  When it comes to selecting the family car, women are naturally partial to Chevrolet from the very start.  Who doesn't love to drive a smart, colorful automobile, with plenty of spirit and dash!  But what finally decides a woman on Chevrolet, probably more than anything else, is a quality that appeals to her practical nature.  It's the mechanical goodness of the car - its exceptional ability to keep on running, and stay out of trouble.  This goodness is thoroughly ingrained in every part of the Chevrolet that has to do with owner satisfaction.  The starter, for instance, is soundly constructed, of excellent materials, then carefully tested to make sure it will always work properly.  The Fisher bodies are built in the same rigid, solid way that custom cars are built, to prevent the occurrence of squeaks and rattles.  The steering gear is designed to turn easily at all times.  The big, powerful, 4-wheel brakes are made weather-proof and trouble-proof.  the engine, being a smooth-running Six, can be throttled down to very low speeds, in high gear, without tendency to stall.  And this engine requires the very minimum of stops at the gasoline station.  Today, in thousands of households, this dependability of the Chevrolet Six is making the daily routine both easy and pleasant for women - and is saving them money, as well.  Isn't it a fine thing for the American family that there is such a car.  And that the price is well within the means of all.  NEW CHEVROLET SIX  The Great American Value

Chevrolet prices range from $475 to $650, f. o. b. Flint, Michigan.  Special Equipment extra.  Product of General Motors.  Chevrolet Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan.

(Artwork by Ronald McLeod)

spark1.jpg (276770 bytes) QST Amateur Radio
August 1931 - "Stop Interference on Radio-Equipped Cars"

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31coll2s.JPG (167642 bytes) A nice colleague of 1931 ads.  Thanks to Joel Roper.

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